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1. Register

Questions and answers about the registration process

2. Transportation

Questions and answers about the transportoptions we offer

  • How is the transportation to the Netherlands arranged?

    If you wish, NL Jobs can arrange the transportation from your home country to the Netherlands. The offices of NL Jobs in Poland, Romania, Moldova and Latvia all have agreements with bus transportation companies. Our employees would love to tell you more about it, during your visit at one of our offices or contact by phone.

  • How is the commuting traffic in the Netherlands arranged?

    If you are using an accommodation of NL Jobs, NL Jobs will also arrange the transport to work. NL Jobs has multiple cars, you may use these cars costless for the transportation to work. if you have your own car, NL Jobs will look if you are eligible for travel fees.

  • How does NL Jobs handle travel fees?

    NL Jobs adheres to all rules and laws regarding to travel fees. At the start of your contract NL Jobs will look whether or not you will receive travel fees. Travel fees will be paid weekly together with your salary.

3. Accommodation

Questions and answers about the accommodation we offer

  • What kind of accommodations does NL Jobs offer?


    NL Jobs offers different kind of accommodations. NL Jobs owns Hotels, houses, apartments and pensions. At our planning we will look at the distance between your residential place and your workplace. We try to keep this distance as short as possible. During your stay in the Netherlands, it may occur that you have to move. This happens when you start working at another company or other reasons related to our planning. Of course NL Jobs tries to minimise the times you have to move.

    All accommodations of NL Jobs have a SNF (Stichting Normerking Flexwonen) Quality mark. This foundation tests of the  accommodations of NL Jobs meet their requirements.

  • How many people are living in a house and what is the maximum amount of people in a room?

    The amount of people per place of residence diverge a lot. We have accommodations which are used as a hotel, at those places we can house sometimes more than a hundred people. In apartments and houses the amount of people is way smaller. In most of the rooms we house 2 people, some places give room to more people, also this diverge per location. NL Jobs assumes hereby the requirements of SNF (Stichting Normerking Flexwonen).

  • What are the costs for an accommodation?

    The cost for an accommodation at NL Jobs in 2020;  €97 per week.

  • What happens to my room if I am going on a vacation?

    You can choose it yourself. First of all you can choose to rent your room during your absence. This means that NL Jobs will occupy this room for you, it's certain that you will comeback in this room after your vacation. You can also leave your personal belongings in this room during your vacation. Beside you can choose to not rent your room during your vacation. This means you will have no costs, but the chance you will comeback in another room after your vacation is big.

4. Work

Questions and answers about the work we offer

5. Contract

Questions and answers about our contracts

  • What kind of contract will I get?

    NL Jobs works with a phase system as prepared by ABU. In the NL Jobs personnel guide you can find more information about this phase system. Beside you can find information about how long every contract can last.

    When you work for the first time at NL Jobs you will get a phase A contract, a contract with a certain period of time of maximum 78 worked weeks. When this contract ends, you will get a phase B contract, this contract has a maximum amount of 6 times and can last for a maximum of 4 years in total. After that you will get a phase C contract. A contract for a uncertain period of time. With the phase system you can work for a certain period of time of 5,5 years.

  • Which details can I find in my contract?

    The temporary employee will receive 3 documents which are relevant for the contract with NL Jobs. These are the temporary employment contract, the temporary employment confirmation and the personnel guide. In the contract you can find the duration and the employee and employer. This contract will be signed by both the employee and the employer. In the confirmation you can find the terms of employment for the specific client. For example the salary, job size, function, fees, collective labor agreement etc. This varies by client. The Personnel Guide contains other various relevant information regarding the employment. These documents together form the agreement between NL Jobs and the temporary employee.

  • How do I cancel my contract?

    When you want to stop working at NL Jobs, you have to inform your contact person written and on time. Preferably a month before your contract expires. When you want to stop working during your contract you have a period of notice of a month. If you do not stick to this, we will charge administrative costs. We won't treat oral cancellations.

6. Salary

Questions and answers about salaries

  • When will the salary be paid?

    NL Jobs pays the salary of the previous week every Thursday. This means when you start working in week 1 you will receive your salary of week 1 on the Thursday in week 2. You will have your salary almost every time on Friday.

  • Where do I find my payslip or annual statement?

    The payslip and annual statement will be send by mail. You will receive the payslips on the same Thursday as your salary is paid. When there's no payment you will also not receive a payslip. The annual statement will be send one time a year, namely at the beginning of each year. The annual statement is a summary of the already expired year.

  • What about reservations?

    We set aside money for multiple things. You can think of holiday allowance, holiday hours and extra-legal leave. You can see this reservations on your payslip. We always pay the holiday allowance directly with the weekly salary. You take holiday hours when you want to take a day off. This reservation ensures that you will be paid also for this day. When you stop working at NL Jobs, these reservations will be paid within 6 weeks after you stop working at NL Jobs. Extra-legal leave will be paid weekly.

  • I do not think my salary is right, what can I do?

    When you doubt whether te salary paid by NL Jobs is correct, you can contact the Jobmate/account manager of NL Jobs. This is your contact person. He or she will be present at your work location but you can also contact him/she by mail or telephone. Indicate in concrete terms what you think is not correct (for example, the amount of worked hours). Thereafter they will control whether or not you were right and they will give you feedback about it. When you are indeed right, we will make a correction at the next payment.

7. Communication

Questions and answers about our communication

  • Who should I approach for what?


    NL Jobs has a large number of permanent employees, they all have one common interest; happy temporary employees. However not everyone is able to answer all your questions, therefore it's important to ask your question at the right person. To make it as simple as possible for you, we have indicated below whom you should approach for a question.

    Employee NL Jobs Topic

    Salaryslip, salary, vacation, work, planning,
    personal issues and other cases


    Everything that relates to the residential location

    Emergency Phone Reporting illness and emergencies
    +31 6 10 19 69 25 (Westland)
    +31 6 30 87 34 90 (Noord-Holland)
    +31 6 10 34 25 11 (Zeeland)


8. Holidays and leave of absence

Questions and answers about your holidays and leave of absence

  • How can I submit a holiday request?

    Consult your holiday data at least two weeks in advance with the manager and the account manager. When you do not show up at work and you didn't consult this, you will be fined €50 for the costs incurred.  On the Thursday before you come back to the Netherlands, you have to confirm and indicate when you arrive. You can do this by calling the number 0031 174 526595 between 14:00 and 16:30. 

  • When will I receive my holiday allowance and holiday hours?

    Holiday allowance is always paid directly with the weekly salary. You take Holiday hours when you want to take a day off. This set aside ensures that you get paid for that day. When you stop working at NL Jobs, your remaining set asides will be paid 6 weeks after your last salary payment.

  • Can I apply for a holiday during illness?

    Yes that is allowed! You submit your holiday request to your account manager, after which it is discussed with the absentee counselor / case manager. The absentee counselor / case manager will then inquire with the company doctor or your recovery and / or reintegration will not be impeded. If this is not the case, your application will be confirmed. If the company doctor indicates that your holiday may be a hindrance to your recovery or reintegration, your holiday request will be rejected. If you do not agree and you still leave out of the advice, this can have consequences for your temporary employment contract.

9. Illness

Questions and answers about illness

  • How should I report my illness?

    If you are ill, you must report this by telephone via the emergency telephone one hour before the start of your work. You are not allowed to report your illness via SMS, voicemail, WhatsApp, email, et cetera. You have only been reported sick when you have spoken to someone and this person has actually reported you sick. Are you unable to report your illness yourself? May this be done by someone else.

    When you report sick, you make sure that you have your temporary worker number at hand so this won't cause any delay. You know in advance which activities you can still carry out, or the complaints have to do with the work and for how long you think you are absent. You will also be asked whether the employer can do anything to help you. After this information is given you will be asked for the address where you are staying during the current situation and at which telephone number you can be reached. It is also important to know whether there is incapacity for work as a result of an accident in which a third party is liable.

    The employee is obliged to stay at home every day between 10 am and 2 pm, until the absenteeism counselor or the occupational doctor of NL Jobs has contacted you, visited you at home or you received an invitation to go to the consultation hour.  NL Jobs also expects you to contact the doctor within a reasonable period of time and not end the rehabilitation procedures but agree and follow up on advice.

    Are you ill abroad? Then inform us within 2 days. You will then hear from us what you have to do. If the company doctor of NL Jobs requests the medical statements from your doctor, you must provide this to the company doctor.

    For more information about the illness procedure see the document 'Procedure of reporting illness and doctor visits'  at the downloadpage

  • What happens when I am sick?

    When you are ill, you must report your absence by telephone to the emergency telephone due to illness. Keep your temporary worker number at hand. The person you are talking to at the emergency telephone will also ask you a number of questions such as: When do you expect to be back at work? Your sick report will be passed on to the client and the default administration of NL Jobs. You stay home between 10:00 and 14:00, you can be called or get a home visit. So make sure you are always available! The absenteeism / case manager of NL Jobs will guide you during your absence period to work together on a speedy recovery. You will also see whether you can carry out adapted work tailored to your (temporary) limitations. It may be that you are invited to the company doctor at the consultation hour in a short period of time. The company doctor will assess to what extent you can carry out your own work or other work. His advice is leading, this means that we will always follow the advice. You may not agree with the advice of the company doctor. You then have the opportunity to request an expert opinion from the UWV. The costs are € 100, -, and will be for your own account. During the application of the expert opinion, you and we will not be discharged of our obligations to follow the advice of the company doctor. So we have to carry out the advice until the result of the expert judgment is received. According to the Poortwachter Act, during your absence, because of illness or lack, all kinds of activities will be scheduled to guide you as well as possible in your recovery and reintegration.

  • Does NL Jobs also offer Health insurances?

    Yes, the health insurance of Holland Zorg is available via NL Jobs. The costs of this insurance are €25.50 per week. This amount will be deducted automatically from your salary. A dutch health insurance is required for everyone who works in the Netherlands. It is not possible to temporarily stop your health insurance during holidays whenever you have a contract. 

10. Pension

Questions and answers about pension

11. Students

Questions and answers for students

  • Can I work as a student via NL Jobs?

    Yes, this is possible. It is important that you can prove that you are registered with a day course. For students from a country other than the Netherlands, they must have an ISIC. This can be requested via

  • What is the maximum amount of hours I can work as a student?

    Young people aged between 16 and 17 are allowed to work 40 hours per week on average. Note: the hours you are at school count for this 40 hours. Young people aged 15 years are also allowed to work 40 hours, but on the days that you are at school, this may be a maximum of 2 hours. If you are 13 or 14 years old, you can work a maximum of 35 hours per week during school holidays. You can not work on a school day. For a more detailed explanation of working hours, please refer to:

  • Do you also arrange the transport for students?

    That depends on what agreements we've made with the hirer, the client of NL Jobs. Before you start working you will hear whether there is any transport offer form NL Jobs.

12. Payslip

Questions and answers about your payslip

  • When can I take leave hours?

    You may only take leave hours if you have not worked for at least one day (8 hours, < 32 hours). Please contact your correspondent at NL Jobs to request for your leave hours to be paid out. If you submit your request via e-mail to, you will receive no reply. Please make sure that you meet the requirements for the payment of leave hours (at least 8 hours, and you must have enough balance).

  • What is the purpose of the artificial constructions law (Wet aanpak schijnconstructies, WAS)?

    Each person working in the Netherlands is entitled to be paid the minimum wage. This means that your employer may not withhold or deduct an amount from the minimum wage. However, your employer may withhold or deduct an amount from the portion of the wage above the legal minimum or from the holiday allowance. This law makes an exception for the amounts withheld for accommodation expenses and health insurance costs.

    Income tax and pension contributions may also be withheld, as these have a legal basis.

  • What are extraterritorial costs?

    This is a tax scheme that provides a tax-free allowance to an employee from abroad who comes to work temporarily in the Netherlands.

    In that case, a temporary worker may waive (exchange) a part of his or her taxed wage to receive a tax-free allowance in return.

    The following taxed wage can be exchanged:

    • Holidays in excess of the legal entitlement (the maximum exchangeable wage for holidays in excess of the legal minimum is 81%).
    • Allowances for irregular working hours and overtime (the maximum exchangeable wage for allowances and overtime is 100%).
    • Wage in excess of the legal minimum wage (the maximum exchangeable wage above the legal minimum wage is 81%).

    The following extraterritorial costs can be exchanged:

    • Double accommodation expenses
    • Transport to and from the Netherlands
    • Extra maintenance

    Prices in the Netherlands are often higher than those in your country of origin. Based on the figures in each country, we calculate on a week-by-week basis the maximum allowance for extra maintenance.

  • What is the difference between the income tax and social insurance contribution ('loonheffing') and the special rate ('bijzonder tarief')?

    Income tax and social insurance contributions are calculated for the hours you work. The white weekly wage table from the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (‘Belastingdienst’) shows exactly what must be paid on which gross weekly wage.

    The special rate is calculated for ‘exceptional’ remuneration such as a bonus, performance-related pay, and the settlement of amounts set aside.

  • When are the amounts set aside paid out?

    Holiday allowance is paid once a year in the first week of June or if you leave employment.

    Holiday hours are paid out once you have taken leave or left employment.

    If you have left employment, the amounts set aside will be paid six weeks after the date you left employment.

  • How can I find information of how much pension I have accrued?

    You do not accrue pension in the first 26 weeks worked. If you are 21 or older, you will be placed on the STiPP scheme from the 27th week onwards.

    As your employer will pay your contributions, you will not see any amounts on your payslip. The ‘psn’ box at the top of your payslip will show whether you have been placed on the STiPP pension scheme (‘J’ for yes; ‘N’ for no).

    After you have worked 78 weeks or have reached phase B, you will be removed from the basic scheme and put onto the STiPP ‘plus’ pension scheme. From this point on, you as an employee will make a % contribution to your pension.

13. Planning

Questions and answers about our planning

14. Corona/Covid-19

Questions and answers about how we deal with Corona/Covid-19