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About NL Jobs

On this page we tell you more about NL Jobs as a company. You will discover what makes NL Jobs so special, in which industries we are active and who our partners are.

What makes NL Jobs unique?

NL Jobs has over 18 years of experience in the temporary employment industry. The company was founded in 2002 by four of the Netherlands' largest tomato growers. The owners of Agro Care, CombiVliet, Lans & Looye also own NL Jobs. But these companies are also the biggest customers of NL Jobs. Every day more than 2,500 satisfied employees work through NL Jobs. Nl Jobs mediates jobs in various sectors, for example, horticulture, agriculture, production, logistics and technology.
With 3 offices in the Netherlands and 10 recruitment offices in (Eastern) Europe, NL Jobs is always close by. Our recruitment professionals will be happy to tell you all about the possibilities NL Jobs can offer you. 

We center 'honesty' and 'doing what you say' in our services. We believe that this is the basis for a partnership.

For us, it means we don't make things prettier than they are. We tell what it's like.

Doing what you say
For us, it means that we keep what we promise. If things go wrong, we solve them together.

This makes NL Jobs a reliable partner. A long-term partner.

Always a suitable job, even without experience

NL Jobs offers structurally challenging jobs in the Netherlands. There are jobs for only a few months, but also jobs for the long term. By working together with several large companies, we are able to offer a suitable job to many people. In many jobs, work experience is a bonus, but not a requirement. Speaking Dutch and/or English is also not required in most positions. The most important qualities of a good candidate are:

  • Motivation
  • Willingness to learn
  • Good physical condition

Based on your wishes and possibilities, we determine together which job suits you best. At NL Jobs we also welcome couples, family members and groups of friends.

Bringing together motivated candidates and beautiful Dutch companies is our core business. But our services don't stop there, in fact that's where it starts. NL Jobs also provides transportation to the Netherlands, good housing, free commuting transport and personal assistance. Moreover, we ensure that you have the right documents to work in the Netherlands. You can read more about this on the page 'Services'.


At NL Jobs we don't talk about customers, we talk about partners. Because everything we do happens together. We distinguish five types of partners:

  • Our employees
    Everyone we've helped get a job. You can read their stories here.
  • Our clients
    All companies that hire employees from NL Jobs. Some of these companies can be found here.
  • Our colleagues
    All office staff who are permanently employed by NL Jobs, they make the difference everyday. 
  • Cooperating companies
    Companies that contribute to the services of NL Jobs. The most important example is NL Realty, the real estate partner.
  • The surroundings
    These are all those involved in the immediate vicinity of our work area. Such as (local) authorities, municipalities and citizens. We like to be and remain in dialogue with them.

The Netherlands - Place to be

What to expect...

The Netherlands is a small country located in the Western part of Europe. It is home to over 17 million people, from countless nationalities. The Netherlands is known for it's tall residents, typical traditions and good working/living conditions. Amsterdam (capital), Rotterdam, The Hague and even smaller cities like Leiden and Volendam are worth visiting. All of these cities are located within one hour travel distance from us! Yearly 20 million tourists visit this little country next to the Northsea. NL Jobs gives you the opportunity to both work and experience all the highlights the Netherlands has to offer. Let's cooperate!

Iacub Stella Greenpack
"NL Jobs is constantly developing, offering all kinds of solutions for every question that could appear"
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Marzena Ferdek Plantenkwekerij P. van Geest
"The job coaches are happy to help you and the living conditions are at a good level"
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Rautu Florentina Agro Care
''NL Jobs is a company that takes care of its employees and always listens to their needs'
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Constantin Neculau Noordvliet
"You can be sure that the NL Jobs team will help you when you need it"
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Michalina Mazur Looye
"The most important thing is that there are never any problems with the payments. It is always on time, this is important to me"
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Niculaes Veaceslav Lans
"I would recommend NL Jobs because it is a serious agency and because I have never had a problem with my salary in the last 2 years"
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  • Year-round work
  • Weekly payment
  • Personal support
  • Free transport
  • Good housing