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About the Netherlands

On this page you can read more about the Netherlands and the benefits of living and working there.

Facts about the Netherlands

The Netherlands is located in Western Europe, on the North Sea. On the east side we find neighbouring Germany and to the south of the Netherlands lies Belgium. The good working conditions and attractive terms of employment attract hundreds of thousands of workers from other parts of Europe every year. The Netherlands has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world. This means that only a small part of the labour force is available for a (different) job.

By 2020, the total labour force will be 9.3 million people, of whom only about 300,000 will be out of work. Of the 9 million people working in the Netherlands, just under 500,000 are labour migrants.

On average, people who live and work in the Netherlands are very happy. According to a survey of 'the happiest country', carried out annually by the United Nations, the Netherlands ranks 6th. This puts the Netherlands ahead of countries such as America and Germany.

Other facts about the Netherlands

  • There are over 17 million inhabitants and twice as many bikes. The Netherlands is a real cycling country, almost everywhere you will find neat cycle paths;
  • Most museums in the world are located here;
  • A quarter of the land is below sea level. Dikes and dams ensure that all areas are either habitable or passable;
  • More than 85% of the population also speaks English;
  • People say hello to each other with three kisses on the cheek;
  • The Dutch population is on average the longest in the world;
  • The North Sea borders the Netherlands, the west coast has the widest beaches of Europe. Due to its temperate maritime climate, the Netherlands is ideally suited for various wind sports on the coast. The beautiful beaches also attract many tourists every year.

Working in the Netherlands

One third of the national income in the Netherlands is generated from exports. In the Netherlands there are many companies that make products. Agriculture, horticulture and mechanics are essential to the country. The logistics sector then ensures that all these products are distributed all over the world. In these sectors, but also in the packaging industry, a lot of employees are employed. NL Jobs cooperates with some of the large and progressive companies. Structurally, this enables us to offer interesting jobs for the short and long term!

Some advantages of working in the Netherlands

  • Wages are on average higher than in other parts of Europe;
  • The political situation in the Netherlands has been very stable for a long time;
  • The Netherlands is ahead in many areas of knowledge, so it is pre-eminently a good place for personal development;
  • The Netherlands offers pleasant working and living conditions for everyone with a European passport. NL Jobs can help you find a good (temporary) place to live;

A good employment agency

To live and work in the Netherlands, it is nice to be well supervised. In the Netherlands there are all kinds of laws / obligations and rules. NL Jobs will help you to ensure that the right papers are signed. We will find you a nice job and can even arrange a place to live for you. Read more about what NL Jobs can do for you.

Everyone is welcome

Do you want to work with your wife or husband and are you looking for Netherlands jobs for couples? That won’t be any problem, because finding employment for couples also falls within the possibilities of NL Jobs. We even encourage it! Both (groups of) friends and familymembers are welcome. We think that being driven is a much more valuable asset than someone’s age, sex or experience. If you are positive, motivated and willing to stay for a while, NL Jobs can always guide you to a job offer. Furthermore, it is also not mandatory to have a degree to work in one of our jobs., because there NL Jobs also offer unqualified Netherlands jobs. You simply have to be motivated, hardworking and friendly to fulfil one of these positions! 

We hope to welcome you soon in the Netherlands!

The Netherlands - Place to be

What to expect...

The Netherlands is a small country located in the Western part of Europe. It is home to over 17 million people, from countless nationalities. The Netherlands is known for it's tall residents, typical traditions and good working/living conditions. Amsterdam (capital), Rotterdam, The Hague and even smaller cities like Leiden and Volendam are worth visiting. All of these cities are located within one hour travel distance from us! Yearly 20 million tourists visit this little country next to the Northsea. NL Jobs gives you the opportunity to both work and experience all the highlights the Netherlands has to offer. Let's cooperate!