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Agro Care

Agro Care is a young, dynamic horticulture company where several varieties of tomatoes are grown, with a particular focus on vine tomatoes. With several branches in the Netherlands and Tunisia, Agro Care is one of the largest and most modern tomato agriculture companies in the world.

Agro Care is a top-level tomato grower, the main strength behind this are the employees. Not only knowledge and skills are important here, but also cooperation and the good working atmosphere make Agro Care a challenging company to work for.

You start working at 7:00 AM. In the summer months you sometimes start earlier, because it can get warm in the greenhouse. April through July is the busiest time of the year, then you can work extra hours.

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Agro Care
agro care

  • Year-round work
  • Weekly payment
  • Personal support
  • Free transport
  • Good housing
Eva Lenartova Agro Care
"NL Jobs has offered me nice work and accommodation"
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Rautu Florentina Agro Care
''NL Jobs is a company that takes care of its employees and always listens to their needs'
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Zuzana Stankova Agro Care
"At the moment I want to continue working in the Netherlands, because I really enjoy myself here"
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Damian Czyrek Agro Care
"The cars of NL Jobs deserve praise, the cars are efficient and safe"
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Sabina Schiffer Agro Care
"I would warmly recommend NL Jobs to anyone because it is a stable and reliable employment agency"
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