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Lans is a horticulture business with 52.0 hectares of greenhouses spread out over two regions in the Netherlands. The company has specialized in the year-round growing of tomatoes. It is still a true family business with Leo, Cees, Vincent and Erwin van der Lans as Directors.

Lans wants to be a good employer for its staff where employees find challenges and opportunities and enjoy their work.

"Our tomatoes are grown in greenhouses. Our employees perform the work in the greenhouse. Growing tomatoes is very labor intensive. A rough indication is that 5 to 7 FTEs are required per hectare on average to perform all the activities."

You start working at 7:00 AM. In the summer months you sometimes start earlier, because it can get warm in the greenhouse. April through July is the busiest time of the year, then you can work extra hours.

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  • Year-round work
  • Weekly payment
  • Personal support
  • Free transport
  • Good housing
Rafal Schiffer Lans
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Niculaes Veaceslav Lans
"I would recommend NL Jobs because it is a serious agency and because I have never had a problem with my salary in the last 2 years"
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Niculaes Claudia Lans
"I warmly recommend NL Jobs because it takes good care of its employees"
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Niculaes Regina Lans
"I can warmly recommend NL Jobs because it is a serieus and responsible employment agency"
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