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"NL Jobs has many companies where you can work, so you will always find the job that suits you"

Introduce yourself:

My name is Damian Mikolajczuk and I am from Poland. I am currently working in horticulture at Amigra. My hobbies are; running, cycling, listening to music and going to live music. At the moment I am saving and the focus is on making money. The next step is to determine what I actually want in my future. My head is full of ideas, but I keep them to myself.

Why did you come to the Netherlands?

I came to the Netherlands for a higher salary and to save money to buy a flat. But since I came to the Netherlands I see more opportunities, so things can change. I think the Netherlands is a beautiful country with an endless amount of channels. But the best thing about the Netherlands is that I can go anywhere by bicycle. This is due to the well-organized cycle paths.

What does a working day e look like for you?

My day at Amigra starts with preparing my workplace. So, placing the trolleys close to the table, filling all pots with soil, cutting the plants and planting the plants. During the day we do several other tasks. It is possible that I work in a different greenhouse and my responsibilities change as a result. For example, I prepare various orders. Then I will repot smaller plants. Then I will take care of the plants (cutting, cleaning, moving). So we have many different tasks. It's all about how fast you learn something. But it is not too difficult.

Why did you choose NL Jobs?

I started working at NL Jobs on September 17, 2018. My first contact with NL Jobs was via the website. I would describe NL Jobs as a large company (top 5 of the best employment agencies in the Netherlands). NL Jobs has many companies where you can work, so you will always find the job that suits you. Our salaries are always on time. They are also very helpful. NL Jobs can improve their service in my opinion, by having more single rooms available. This is to ensure that employees have more privacy. In addition, they could set up more competition so that we can choose which one to participate in. NL Jobs could also think of a bonus system, in which employees earn bonuses because they have been working for NL Jobs for some time. (Money, gifts, gift cards, cinema tickets)

  • Year-round work
  • Personal support
  • Good housing
  • Weekly payment
  • Free transport