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"I would recommend NL Jobs because of the stable salary and because they are very responsive"

Please introduce yourself:

Hi, my name is Raivis Vasjurins and I am from Latvia. I work in horticulture at Combivliet. Most of my hobbies are computer related, but at the moment I have substituted those with traveling by bike. In the future I have different plans, I want to learn new languages and I want to continue to grow professionally. 

What do you think of the Netherlands?

It is my first working experience here in the Netherlands, I really like it. A love the surroundings and the overall atmosphere in the Netherlands. 

Tell us about yout current workplace, how do you spend your working day?

My workplace is very good, I have nothing bad to mention. My working day goes by very quickly. After work I cycle home on a bicycle, I rest and the next day I go back to work. 

Tell us about your experiences with NL Jobs:

I started working for NL Jobs in October 2019. I find the Riga office very special, they have good reviews and a professional attitude towards their clients. The cooperation with Dutchrecruit in Riga was very good. I have no complaints. Whenever there is a question an immediate answer is provided. At the moment I do not really have something on which NL Jobs could improve. I would recommend NL Jobs for their stable salary and because they are very responsive. I cannot say a single bad thing since the time I started working here.

  • Year-round work
  • Personal support
  • Good housing
  • Weekly payment
  • Free transport