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Deliflor is the largest chrysanthemum breeder worldwide. The head office is located in Maasdijk, The Netherlands. The company produces cuttings and issues permits for the cut flower production.

All staff of Deliflor should be able to speak Dutch or English.

What time an employee should depends on the shift you work in. There are two shifts, a morning shift and an evening shift. There is no rotation in shift work. A small number of people work in the standby team, they are scheduled in the morning or evening shift and are the only workers who rotate in working hours.

There are three activities at Deliflor:

Cooling cel

Preparing orders.


Sitting work. Manually putting small plant cuttings into pieces of soil.


Standing work. Refill plant cutting into the robot line. Straighten up cutting that have been moved into a wrong direction

February to September is the busiest time of the year, then you can work extra hours.

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Deliflor Chrysanten
Deliflor Chrysanten

  • Year-round work
  • Weekly payment
  • Personal support
  • Free transport
  • Good housing